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Small First Responder Bag with Basic Fill Kit

Item:   LXMB20-SKA



The LXMB20 Small First Responder Bag with Basic Fill Kit is perfect for a first responder, volunteer EMT, or even as a first aid bag for a business or school. Stocked with all of your basic supplies, yet small enough to keep in your vehicle or in a cabinet or tool box. The inside of the bag has multiple pockets, loops and compartments as well as customizable foam dividers. Some Other Features Include: Padded shoulder strap has reflective stitched right into the webbing Multiple Pockets and Compartments Padded Shoulder Strap Reflective striping for added visibility, Extra large zippers for long-lasting duribility, Heavy-Duty Hardware, All logos are embroidered, not screen printed

Dimensions 17 x 9 x 11 Inch

Basic Fill Kit Includes:
Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, Bandage Sheers, Penlight, Amm Ampules (10), Band-Aids (100),
4x4 Inch Gauze Pads (50), 2 Inch Roll Gauze (2), 3 Inch Roll Gauze (2), 4 Inch Roll Gauze (2),
2 Inch Self-Adherent Cohesive Bandage (2), 2 Inch Elastic Ace Bandage (2),
5x7 Inch ABD Pad (2), 8x10 Inch ABD Pad (2), 1 Inch Roll Cloth Tape,
Iodine Wipes (10), Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz,
Instant Cold Packs (2), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (2) , Eye Wash Solution,
Exam Gloves (4), Universal SAM Finger Splint, Oral Gluc Gel, Sting & Bite Relief Pads (10)

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